Adventure & Off The Beaten Track

Our adventure tours and off-the-beaten-track excursions are designed to cater to travellers looking to get even more out of their tour. By discovering all that Cambodia has to offer while including special elements to invigorate even the most adventurous explorers, our adventure tours in Cambodia are unique.

Farming Tour with Homestay - 2 Days / 1 night

This two-day tour allows you to experience the real life farming work in rural area of Cambodia.

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Farming Tour

Lifestyle Tour with Homestay - 2 Days / 1 night

This two-day tour allows you to see Cambodian village life while also supporting a proven model of responsible tourism.

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Lifestyle Tour

Farming Tour - Full Day

The one-day tour allow you have the opportunity to participate in fishing, farming or animal husbandry activities, depending on the time of year.

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Farming Tour 1

Cycling and Remote Temple Tour - Full Day

The tour highlights include riding a bicycle into a village and participating in various activities.  Hop aboard a Khmer tractor for a fun ride through the fields and to the remote temple called Banteay Ampil.

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Cycling + Homestay

Quad Adventure with Homestay - 2 Days / 1 night

Ideal for those who want to combine a quad bike ride and spend a night in the village. We including, ox cart ride, a visit to some local farms and workshops, and a dinner and breakfast with a local family.

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Quade + Homestay

Flight of The Gibbon

Experience the Flight of the Gibbon, a thrilling zipline ride in the forests by Angkor. Keep a lookout for wild gibbons in the trees!

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