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Siem Reap Ride is an Ecotourism company that supports the local community with 20% of our profit going to support Community Support Association Administration (‘CSA’). www.communitysupportassociation.org. CSA is a grassroots programme run by Cambodians and legally registered with Cambodia Ministries of Interior with license No. 1208.  Our mission statement is: “committed to improving people’s lives, restoring their communities, and bringing wholeness, maturity and meaning to those lives”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhnom Penh-born, Bophay (Mr) moved to Siem Reap six years ago after working as a project manager for NGOs in the child welfare and community development sectors. Bophay worked as an Operations Manager for Hanuman Tourism for six years and he decided to go further and fulfill his dream. Bophay is the Founder and Operations Manager at Siem Reap Ride, he is now working full time on the tours.

Rathany (Mrs) has many years of experience working with children and families, and is currently working as an Assistant for one of the projects of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Together they have a lot of experience related to community integration. They are passionate about bringing positive change to their beautiful country, Cambodia. The skills they have to offer are wide and varied, and will help bring about positive change, excellent holidays and memorable experiences to tourists visiting Cambodia. Bophay and Rathany spend their own time at weekends to visit the CSA project and deliver supplies to the community. They have 2 year old daughter, Nyda.


1. Unrivalled knowledge: a team of experienced.
2. Unique products: cycling tour and temple tour in Bos Village 25 km from Siem Reap.
3. Responsible tourism: doing things the right way helps the local community.
4. Locally owned and operated: the money stays in the country and go back to support the community.
5. Competitive prices: attractive rates for such attentive service.
6. Speed of communication: 24-hour turnaround on all requests.
7. Personal touch: we bring you to friends




HEAN, local guide at Siem Reap, Angkor Wat templeHeab Hean is one of our local guide and he is also volunteer with CSA, he help us to regularly visit and writes reports about each of the sponsored families. Hean is 25 year old and has finished high school. Hean is a dynamic team player, and always has an open mind and is willing to learn. We are seeking donations to pay his allowance for gasoline for his motorcycle, phone card and a bit of money for his food while he is on the site for work. The cost for monthly allowance is $50 per month equal $600 per year. Very lucky for Hean as we are now currently have sponsor to support him to go University. Hean is currently study 1st year in Bachelor Degree of English Literature.


Lous, local guide for siem reap rideKong Bunlous is 30 years old, married with one child. Lous work as Primary School teacher. Lous is also on of the volunteer to CSA, but Lous only help when needed as he is also busy with his full-time work. As he has a good heart to help then we would like to offer something to him in reverse and what he want is a sponsorship for going to university. We are seeking for donations to send him to university. The fee for university is $400 per year. Even Luos is a local guide in the village but we often get a great feedback about him from our clients, they are really appreciated the English level of Luos.


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